Welcome to Goman Foods!
We are a 100% Australian owned and operated family company with a passion for the wholesome, natural and nutritious Tomatoes, Capsicums and Prunes we grow and dry on our family farm in Western New South Wales' Riverina region.
Our state-of-the art drying plant not only captures but intensifies the natural flavours and goodness of our fresh produce, providing our valuable customers with the highest quality products possible.

The Goman Foods range comes in every possible form - from halves, strips and diced to powders, granules
and more. Take a look through our website and get to know our tantalising Tomatoes, perfect Prunes and
captivating Capsicums, they have a wealth of health benefits and an extensive variety of culinary uses. We have a range of recipes available for you to download and try in the kitchen, or print out and pass
on to your customers.
We pride ourselves on the high quality of each and every product in the Goman Foods
range. With total quality control, we guarantee that every Goman Foods product
is the best money can buy.
Please contact us with any enquiries - we'd love to hear from you!